Grass fed and naturally raised, our beef comes from our own cattle at Huntlands Farm situated just over a mile from the butchers shop. We mature our beef the traditional way, on the bone for a minimum of 21 days.


Cut Steak's


£9.95 per kg

Fore rib of Beef

£16.50 per kg


£19.50 per kg

Whole Fillet

£49.95 per kg

Beef short ribs

£7.95 per kg


£31.00 per kg

Stewing Steak

£10.50 per kg

Braising Steak

£10.58 per kg

Topside Joint

£13.20 per kg

Sirloin on the bone

£24.50 per kg

Ox Tail

£10.95 per kg

Minced Beef

£8.25 per kg

Shin of Beef

£9.15 per kg

Rolled Sirloin of beef

£22.00 per kg

Côte de Boeuf

£27.50 per kg


£29.05 per kg

Bavette Steak

£10.58 per kg