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We believe stress free animals make better tasting meat, which is why we build strong trusted relationships with our local farmers and suppliers making sure that we know where all our meat comes from.

Our farmers use traditional, free range and responsible farming methods and animal welfare is our top priority.

Knightwick Master Butchers is a family-owned independent business run by father & son, John and
Mark Champmen.  

John has been in the meat industry all his working life. He left school and went straight into an
apprenticeship at a local abattoir. It was here he started to learn the importance of looking after the
animals to try and give them a stress-free environment as possible. Even now, Mark accompanies
the cattle raised on the farm for their final journey - ensuring the very highest of standards in animal
husbandry, from pasture to plate.

Having learnt the industry from the ground up he moved into wholesale butchery before going it
alone and buying his first market van. This is where Mark joined John, aged just three, on his rounds
whenever he could. In 1995, when Mark was 17, they bought the established butcher’s shop in
Knightwick and took over serving the local community from Lionel and Clive who had been supplying
meat for 40 years.

Since 1995 John and Mark have developed and expanded the business and now supply Michelin and
Rosette awarded restaurants, pubs and hotels across Worcestershire and surrounding counties. The
Knightwick shop has turned into a something of a local landmark, as well as home to the team of
Master Butchers who are all experts in their own field. They are responsible for all the deboning,
cutting and expert trimming so each customer gets exactly what they want, wrapped up in a
personal and friendly service.

Even after decades in the business, John and Mark are still passionate about sourcing the best
quality meat, that has been reared responsibly and ethically. They believe stress-free, happy animals

that have lived their best life make for the best-tasting meat, that’s why animal welfare is always a
priority. This commitment led them four years ago to go into partnership with Huntlands Farm so
they could rear their own herds. Huntlands is just outside Knightwick and more than likely you will
be able to spot Knightwick cows contentedly grazing as you come into the village. 

Knightwick Master Butchers is more of a way of life than a business, and that’s another reason why
they keep native traditional breeds that include Herefords, Aberdeen Angus and Long
Horn, Britain’s oldest breed.

We look forward to serving you soon.