Naturally bred and outdoor reared for outstanding flavour, our Pork is sourced from farms in Herefordshire and Staffordshire. All expertly cut and trimmed in the shop by our team of professional master butchers.


Gammon Joint / Boiling Ham

£9.85 per kg

Pork Shoulder

£8.90 per kg

Pigs Liver

£4.95 per kg

Gammon Steak

£10.45 per kg

Pigs Kidney

£4.80 per kg

Pork Chops

£10.20 per kg

Pork Loin

£10.30 per kg

Pork Leg

£10.20 per kg

Pork Tenderloin

£14.95 per kg

Pork Belly

£9.10 per kg

Pork Steak

£11.95 per kg

Diced Pork

£9.80 per kg

Minced Pork

£8.30 per kg